How to Cut “Bad” Carbs AKA Grains During a Coronavirus Quarantine: A Cooking Guide

Cutting out grains from your diet is a pretty simple task. All it requires is a bit of careful thought about what you're putting into your body and education on food label reading. Today, we're going to discuss how to still have your carbs but grain-free so that you can come out of the coronavirus quarantine as the healthiest version of yourself!

Breakfasts should consist of healthy fat and protein-based foods like pasture-raised eggs and organic avocado. This will give you the energy to sustain you for the day ahead. 

When it comes to lunch, nothing beats a delicious salad dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice, herbs, and good quality olive oil. 

Wrap it up! Coconut meat wraps and cassava flour wraps are fantastic to put your salad contents into.  

For dinners, make your own zucchini noodles and have some wild-caught salmon or organic chicken on top. Homemade pesto dressing would be wonderful. I love adding in pine nuts as well! And don't forget that glass of wine that you look forward to, either!

Cut Down on Grains Overall

The average American consumes at least one kind of grain at every meal, which isn't ideal.

Luckily, there are some amazing alternatives that you can incorporate into your diet. Like we talked about before, you can create a wrap made with lettuce, coconut meat, or cassava flour rather than the standard highly processed white flour tortilla. *Corn is a grain too, so corn tortillas are not a good alternative. Pizza can be made with cauliflower crust, which is even more flavorful than traditional crust.

Another way that you likely consume a lot of grains is by making or ordering meat that has breading on it. While you may think that breaded chicken or fish is healthier you're really just consuming highly processed grains into your body that cause inflammation and high blood sugar problems. Order some grilled chicken in a flavorful sauce or some lemon-and-herb-coated salmon instead.

It's all about quality when it comes to meats. It's not about whether the meat is lean or not. 

Red meat should be grass-fed and grass-fed finished. Most cows are grass-fed for part of their lives and then “grain-finished” the last few months of their lives to fatten them up. This is what’s happening to us! 

Chicken- Look for organic pasture-raised chicken. 

Fish- Always wild-caught, NEVER farmed. Farmed fish are fed grains and dyes. 

Watch Your Snack Foods

In the Standard American Diet, grain-based snacks are a staple; Potato chips, crackers, and pretzels. 

If you're feeling fancy, you can also try to make avocado fries, found on page 8, or keto breadsticks, found on page 6. Yum! Find these in our recipe guide on the SmartVine website.  

A couple of alternatives to these snacks are; Grain-free crackers- Get Back To Human is a great brand, Siete Chips, raw organic nuts; pine nuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, raw organic cheese and kale chips that come in all sorts of flavor varieties. All of these delicious snacks are completely grain-free and nutrient-dense which will make you healthier than ever before and keep your body energized.

There are a lot of ways that you can remove grains while at home- it just requires a bit of careful thought and planning.

Now that you know alternatives to grains, it's time to get something delicious to drink with the meals you plan. Head over to our online store and browse our selection of delicious low-calorie wines. With just one delicious glass at dinner, you'll make your life in quarantine so much more bearable!

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