How to Enjoy Healthy White Wine


A glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. Like a warm bath or a much-needed meditation session on a stressful day, it’s a simple, easy way to unwind and reset. 

It’s no secret, we at Smartvine love our healthy wine. So in honor of National White Wine day this August, we wanted to talk about white wine specifically. Why it’s special, and how to enjoy it. 

Get the Right Wine

When choosing white wine, most people have difficulty choosing between sauvignon blanc (a completely dry wine with hints of green apple, lime, white peach, and passion fruit) and grenache blanc (a citrusy wine with high alcohol content and low acidity).

However, Smartvine wine lets you have your cake and eat it, too! Our white wine is 50% sauvignon blanc and 50% grenache blanc. It has aromas of lemon, apricot, starfruit, ruby red grapefruit, and white flowers. Taste-wise, you can enjoy a medium-bodied palate with zesty, citrus flavors, a hint of perfumed jasmine, and a creamy and balanced finish.

white wine ready for celebration

There's another twist when you choose Smartvine wines: they're significantly healthier than the alternatives. You likely know that white wine is known for its high sugar content. On average, there are about 1.4 grams of sugar in a single glass. However, Smartvine wine is incredibly low on sugar- there's only 1 gram in the entire bottle!

Pair It With Healthy Foods

To appropriately enjoy your glass of Smartvine white wine, you're going to want to pair it with foods that bring out its full flavor.

celebrating white wine day

Cheeses are, of course, a natural snack for pairing with wine. Because red wine is strong, it's generally paired with stronger cheeses like brie and aged cheddar. White wine does better with milder cheeses like gouda, muenster, and Havarti. On top of a salty cracker, the flavors of these cheeses will complement the sweetness of our white wine beautifully.

Vegans may appreciate pairing Smartvine, one of the few truly vegan wines out there, with dairy-free cheeses. Our friends at the Uncreamery make a delicious, nut-based Dill Havarti Block that pairs perfectly with Smartvine white wine. 

When it comes to an actual meal, white wine goes best alongside poultry or seafood. A nice chicken piccata over angel hair or chicken skewers with fennel yogurt is the perfect meal to go with Smartvine white, as are grilled and sauteed fish recipes. 

Generally, lighter foods go best with white wine, so don't try to serve it with a heavy steak.

Make Wine Night a Social Event

Making wine night a social gathering is a surefire way to get as much enjoyment as possible from your Smartvine bottle. After all, there's nothing like loosening up around friends. We pride ourselves on offering a wine that allows you to "unwind without undoing," so you can relax with those around you while still retaining all of your faculties, and without ruining your morning after with a headache and bloat. 

Invite those you care about to drink, eat, chat, and play games like cards and charades. It will be a fantastic night, we promise!

friends talking and enjoying their wine

Get Delicious White Wine

While there are lots of amazing wine options out there, Smartvine white wine offers a ton of benefits that other wines simply don't: it’s low carb, low sugar, vegan, paleo and keto-friendly, chemical-free, and infused with a tasteless, Nutritionist created “morning after remedy” to combat bloat, headaches and hangovers. 

Now that you know all about maximizing your enjoyment of white wine, it's time to get started! Shop for delicious wine with us to enjoy some of the healthiest, all-natural wine in the world. 

Better yet, simplify your life by signing up for Smartvine Wine Club, and have your choice of healthy Smartvine wines delivered right to your door! 

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