Welcome to Sugar junky Rehab!

The typical American now swallows 32tsps of sugar every 24hrs.

The World Health Organization recently released guidelines urging women to stay under 6tsps per day, that’s 1 slice of bread!

To gain some perspective on how out of control 32tsps per day is, our earliest ancestors only downed about 20tsps per year!

That means that, today, the average woman eats 130lbs-almost her entire weight-of sugar every year.

Consuming 130lbs of added sugar a year adds up! Research shows that sugar packs on belly fat, raises triglycerides, promotes inflammation, high blood pressure, diabetes, early onset of Alzheimer’s, even premature wrinkles!
We are sweetening ourselves sick yet screaming for more. Because we are seriously hooked!

Binging on sugar causes a surge of dopamine, the feel good neurotransmitter in your brains reward center. Repeated “hits” desensitize that center which than releases less and less dopamine leaving you needing more and more sugar to score a rush. Same patterns you see with drug addiction. As a result, you may feel compelled to eat greater quantities of sugary foods- 3 cookies instead of 1, to achieve the same sense of satisfaction. This can swiftly turn into sugar addiction.

There is 1 way that you can start reducing your sugar intake-Use this simple formula:

Take the amount of carbohydrates in a product on the ingredient label and divide it by 4. This tells you how many teaspoons of sugar are actually in the product.
Here is an example:

Corn vs broccoli –Corn has 19 carbs (about 5tsps of sugar) vs broccoli has only 7 carbs per serving= (1.75 tsps of sugar). Just changing the vegetable you eat cuts down the amount of sugar you have at that meal profoundly!

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