Kick-off those New Year Resolutions with a bottle of wine. Yes, wine! It's finally possible to maintain those fitness and health goals without giving up our social lifestyles.


We work hard...REALLY hard. From traveling for work to dropping the kids off at their endless string of events, we don't have time to weigh our food, spend hours in the gym, or slim down to FINALLY feel like ourselves again... LUCKILY...

We don't have to!

By joining the SmartVine wine club, we can shred belly fat without sacrificing our fun lifestyle. Who knew a wine club could help us reach our wellness goals? Certified nutritionist, Christine Fitzgerald, did!

Tired of choosing between her wine and her fitness goals, Christine set out to create the best health-focused wine on the market. SmartVine wine is made from organically farmed California grapes and infused with a proprietary blend of ingredients to reduce the morning after effects of traditional wines.

Infused with turmeric, lemon peel, chicory, & muscadine grape skin; SmartVine helps fight bloat, jump-start weight-loss & reduce hangovers. How? Great question:

Muscadine Grape Skin slows the growth of existing fat cells and the formation of new ones. This boosts our metabolic rate, improves liver function, balances blood sugar. Lemon Peels are rich in the antioxidant d-limonene to help flush out toxins from the body and liver to release stored fat. Chicory Root erases belly fat by supporting digestion and weight loss. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects the liver and improves fat metabolism.

And by tapping the button below to join our exclusive wine club, you can receive these Headache-free, Hangover-free smart wines every month! PLUS, we're throwing in a little something extra for those who saw us on KTLA!


With the SmartVine Wine Club, you'll not only receive quality wine made from expertly selected 100% California grapes to help fight bloat, headaches, and help stick to weight loss goals; but for a limited time, you'll ALSO receive a complimentary Fit Kit:

• 2 Free Bottles of Wine (1 Red & 1 White)
• A Custom SmartVine Branded Corkscrew
• The 8 Proven Belly Fat Eraser Tips (secret #2 will shock you)
When joining the SmartVine Wine Club, simply select how much and how often you would like to receive your wine, and we will automatically send your Fit Kit with the first order!

**The bonus Fit Kit may not appear in your cart, and that's okay! All checkouts from this page will automatically receive a FREE Fit Kit.


By joining the Wine Club (button below), you'll receive an email to download the 8 proven tips instantly while we get to sending you the healthiest bottles of wine your lips will ever taste! Discover the little-known health secrets to banishing belly fat and improving overall health.

Pssst... you'll love secret #8!

Created by Christine herself, these 8 Proven Belly Fat Eraser Tips provide unique insights into rapidly slimming down without sacrificing our fun nights out (or in). You'll receive unique insights like:

• How Hormones Control Every Aspect of Weight Loss
• The Most Common Disease That Affects 90 Million Americans
• One Strange Thing That Can Cause Belly Fat

And so much more! PLUS, Christine also added a few Bonus Tips to help jump start your new healthy habits. In secret #4, you'll learn the one special trick Christine uses to not only spice up her weekly meals but also boost her metabolism!

We don't want these secrets to STAY secret any longer. So download this eBook and start implementing these strategies today!

For some, you’ll notice changes the first day, others may take a few days. However, true transformations take 90 days. So, be patient, and sip on some special wine club delivered SmartVine wine.