Episode 1: Confessions of a Nutritionist

It’s official! The SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast is live! In this episode, Christine Fitzgerald, the inspiring and innovative founder of SmartVine Wine, shares the amazing story how SmartVine Wine came to be!

Want it all?! A satisfying glass of wine, optimal health and to fit into your jeans confidently again? Me too! Which is why I, a former competitive gymnast and 20 yr Nutritionist created Smartvine, a guilt free, delicious keto wine! I said NO wine to my clients. I was a mean Nutritionist! :-) Why? Well, for the first time EVER, on the Smartvine Wine & Wellness Podcast, I reveal embarrassing confessions that ultimately birthed a wine that you can drink on any diet! You're WELCOME!

From her background as a competitive gymnast and self-proclaimed “mean nutritionist,” to experiencing a breakthrough at a cranial session and the influence of her grandfather’s career at Gallo, Christine was ready revolutionize the wine industry! As a someone who lived by the rule to “say no to wine” due to its added sugar, chemicals, and calories, it was time to create something truly organic and provide people with a healthier option to enjoy. Through years of research and testing, Christine Fitzgerald is ready for you to start living life without deprivation and guilt over that glass of wine. In fact, after this episode, you will be ready to experience your first taste of SmartVine Wine!

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