Episode 3: Revealed! An award winning winemaker tells all!


“You have to get up every morning and say Yes I Can!”

“If wine was made without chemicals back then, we could too...fix it in the vineyard, not the cellar.”

-Steve Clifton

In this episode of the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast, Christine Fitzgerald welcomes Steve Clifton, an award-winning winemaker and owner of the Palmina Winery in Santa Barbara County, California. As you will learn in this captivating interview, Steve not only owns his own winemaking companies, but also serves as the winemaker for SmartVine Wines. Thanks to Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, Steve learned at an early age that his “love language” was to feed and nourish others. From here, Steve went on to realize that by creating wine, he could also create memories and experiences. Drawing from his own experiences in Italy, Steve discusses his desire to create wines that were meant to be enjoyed, wines that would serve as the catalyst for conversations, and most importantly, wines that were organic. As Christine and Steve delve further into some very surprising facts about the history of wine, be prepared to learn why the ingredients in your glass and the fermentation process are paramount. After all, “you can’t make bad wine out of good grapes.”

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Steve Clifton, Owner of Palmina Winery/Award Winning Winemaker