Episode 4: Baby making 101: Secrets your doctor hasn’t told you.

Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist & Founder of SmartVine Wine
Mykayla Stockbridge
Hope Healing Fertility Owner, Integrative Fertility Institute Fertility Coach
www. Hopehealingfertility.com

“Fertility Coach is more than just a list of ideas to incorporate…become the best version of yourself…not only to benefit you and your partner, but your future baby.”

“Hold on to hope no matter what….”

-Mykayla Stockbridge

In this episode of the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast, Christine Fitzgerald welcomes Mykayla Stockbridge for an amazingly powerful and educational conversation about how to regain your fertility. Mykayla, an Integrative Fertility Coach and owner of Hope Healing Fertility, explains the importance for women to “take back their health and reach their goals.” She truly believes that many fertility issues can be overcome if we simply look to biology and roots of medicine. This, Mykayla says, “can be life changing for the open-minded and often removes roadblocks.” Listen closely and hear the story of how Hope Healing Fertility has been allowing women to answer the call of motherhood by putting them in touch with the affordable resources to fulfill their dreams. Mykayla is a beautiful soul with a passion for helping to empower women to take their health into their own hands and even become more mindful. After hearing Mykayla, it is apparent that she lives her passion to provide hope and healing to those that need it most! Connect with Mykayla Stockbridge at any time to see if she can benefit you and your family by forming a customized plan that suites exactly what your body is asking for and what is best for you. After hearing this