Episode 5: What makes SmartVine Smarter

Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist & Founder of SmartVine Wine


& -Karen Steinwachs, Winemaker at Buttonwood Winery & Vineyard


“It’s one of the most unique places to grow grades in the world.”
-Karen Steinwachs

Welcome to the SmartVine Wine and Wellness Podcast! Today you will hear an amazing interview from certified nutritionist, Christine Fitzgerald, who also happens to be the founder of SmartVine Wine. Joined by Karen Steinwachs, the of Buttonwood Winery and Vineyard, located in the heart of Santa Barbara wine country, Christine reveals what makes her wine “smarter” than the rest as it is the only wine in the world to be certified 100% glyphosate free! In addition, Christine shares how SmartVine wine also lacks the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed in wines and how it is vegan, gluten-free, Keto and Paleo friendly. Then, prepare to be blown away by the information Karen shares about what “really” takes place at vineyards and what sets her 106 acres of land apart from the rest. Do you really know how and where the grapes are harvested that are in your wine? What chemicals are added or secretly being added to your wine? Discover the secrets that make SmartVine wine so unique! 

No gelatin. No milk. No eggs. No Fish. Just SmartVine Wine!