SmartVine Wine Launches!

SmartVine; finally, a wine that won’t screw up your diet!

The first (and only) certified glyphosate-free & certified vegan, paleo & keto friendly wine made and manufactured in California is available now

Santa Barbara County, CA — October 30, 2018 — Today, SmartVine wine launched the first – and only! – certified glyphosate-free (aka Roundup), certified vegan, paleo and keto friendly wines made and manufactured in California. They are available immediately for online orders in select states.

The story of SmartVine…
Two moms; a driven & talented nutritionist, and a sustainably focused winemaker. Together, they created SmartVine; a delicious wine free of chemical, added sugars, and enhanced with botanical herbs. The result is a wine that allows wine lovers to unwind without undoing all of the hard work put into an active and healthy lifestyle.

How SmartVine is changing the California wine landscape…
SmartVine follows the principles of a natural and sustainable winemaking process. They lab test hand-picked California grapes to ensure that they are free of glyphosate (aka Roundup) and the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed in US wine. SmartVine is the only certified glyphosate-free wine in the state of California.


SmartVine; Upgrade your wine and drink smarter because you’re mindful and conscious of everything you consume – why should wine be any different?

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