Welcome to SmartVine Wine!

Welcome to SmartVine

Organic, Vegan, and Natural Wines that Won’t Screw Up Your Diet… yes please!

Pop Quiz!

I would rather…
A) Feel great, with energy to work out
B) Hang out with great friends and enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine
C) All of the above

The answer is finally “C”!

Delicious wine that won’t screw up your diet is possible.

Organic, vegan, and sustainably farmed and sourced, SmartVine wines combine a passion for nutrition and fitness with a passion for a healthier product and planet for you and your loved ones.

What makes SmartVine a healthier option for you?
glyphosate free wine

Natural and Sustainable Winemaking

SmartVine begins with lab-tested, hand-picked California grapes that are certified glyphosate free (aka the active ingredient in Roundup). Glyphosate is a weed killer sprayed on genetically engineered plants to kill insects but not kill the plant. It essentially works like an antibiotic and has been found in trace amounts in foods we eat and waste we expel. SmartVine knew there was a better option.
vegan certified wine

Vegan Certified Wine

SmartVine follows the principles of a natural and sustainable winemaking process by being vegan certified. Absolutely no animal or animals by products are found in SmartVine wines.

Clean & Organic Wine

In addition to be lab tested and vegan certified, SmartVine also embraced wild harvested organic herbs; turmeric, chicory, lemon, and muscadine grape skin. No added sugars, plus additional herbs to increase digestion, decrease bloat, with extra antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

The result of blending clean wine with a boost of restorative natural herbs is upgraded wine. No hidden ingredients, just a delicious wine that you can consume without guilt.

Who is behind SmartVine?

SmartVine Founder Christine Hardy

Wine intake is usually what you hide from your nutritionist. But, what happens when the nutritionist decides to start making wine with your overall health in mind? Well, it turns out to pretty great for everyone.

Born with a passion for fitness and health, Christine spent her childhood as an award-winning competitive gymnast. As an athlete, she quickly discovered the connection between healthy eating and healthy body and mind. She also knew that most people, while not trained professional athletes, want to be healthy and look and feel their best.

Christine wanted to help women reach their goals in ways that were attainable, rewarding, and (gasp!) even fun. She loved how women became so invested in their health, not just to look good, but to truly support their communities and families. She became a certified nutritionist, with a Master’s degree in Nutrition.

For the past 20 years, Christine noticed her clients would forget to take their vitamins, but never forget their wine. She started wondering if there was a way to enhance the good stuff within wine, avoid the bad, and add a little proven beneficial kick with specific herbs. This idea led to SmartVine.

Having limited knowledge of the wine industry she partnered with Chrystal, a natural and sustainably-focused winemaker. Combining their passions, they created SmartVine.

What SmartVine Stands For:
Healthy Wine for a Healthy Body

Healthy Wine for a Healthy Body

A driven & talented nutritionist partnered with sustainably focused winemakers and SmartVine was born. By combining their passions, they created a delicious wine free of chemicals, and sugars, and enhanced with botanical herbs. The result is healthier wine for a healthier body. You’re mindful and conscious of everything you consume – why should wine be any different?
Lab Tested and Planet Approved Wine

Lab Tested & Planet Approved

SmartVine follows the principles of a natural and sustainable winemaking process. We strive to protect our earth and your health. We lab test our hand-picked California grapes to ensure that they are free of glyphosate (aka Roundup) and the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed in US wine.
Wake Up & Workout

Wake Up & Workout

We believe that you can have your wine and your health too. This is why our wine is free of added sugar and chemicals. These components slow you down. There’s no need to sacrifice taste, how you feel the morning after, or your workout routine. You can truly “unwind without undoing” all of your hard-earned effort of eating healthy and exercising.

Upgrade your wine and drink smarter because you’re mindful and conscious of everything you consume – why should wine be any different?

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