Smartvine Wine

It’s time to unwind without undoing all of the hard work put into an active and healthy lifestyle.

We believe wine should be enjoyed guilt-free, surrounded
by friends and loved ones.

It’s about time you felt good about the wine you’re drinking.


Certified Vegan Wine with a healthy twist. Here’s what some of our customers are saying.

Oh my god! I had two glasses of SmartVine last night. DELICIOUS! And no headache, unheard of!"

Natalie B.

“I tasted both the white and red. Very clean taste, ready for Power Pilates the next day.”

Beth G.


A Healthy Wine-Life Balance

Getting healthy is more enjoyable because you can balance life and wine!

Protect the Liver And Gut

Ordinary wines can lead to liver damage. We’ve added ingredients that may help protect the liver and strengthen gut health.

Give Up the Weight, Not the Wine

STOP feeling deprived of your nightly glass of wine. With SmartVine you won’t undo all of the hard work you put into eating healthy and working out! Lose weight without losing your wine.

Wake Up & Work Out

We made sure that headache-stimulating chemicals such as tyramine and histamine are not detectable in your SmartVine. So instead of thinking about what happened last night, you can wake up and work out.