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Two Health-Conscious Women Come Together To Change The World, One Glass At A Time.

Why do I have to give up wine in order to lose weight?”

For the past 20 years, nutritionist Christine Fitzgerald was hit with that question daily.

Her response, “Wine contains chemicals and sugar that ruin dietary goals. Symptoms of; bloat, weight gain, headaches, and feelings of sluggishness result so, cut out the wine.”

Eventually, she became dissatisfied with her “no pain no gain” approach to wine and its relationship to fitness and nutrition.

She felt that her clients shouldn’t have to experience the guilt surrounding excess calories, or the horrible “day after” symptoms that came along after enjoying wine the night before. It was a vicious circle.

There needed to be a healthy solution. She thought, “how could her clients enjoy wine without it destroying all the hard work they put into a healthy and active lifestyle?”

She dove into researching which wines fit her standards for a ‘healthy and clean wine’ and realized she needed to create her own because it just didn’t exist!


While working as a nutritionist, to combat the symptoms of headaches, bloating, weight gain, and gut issues that her clients were battling, Christine recommended a specific concoction

as a “day after remedy”. Why not add this directly to the wine?

She went to work in her kitchen.

SmartVine is infused with Christine’s concoction; four key organic nutrients that put the body back to a healthier state. These organic nutrients are known for their healing properties. They include Lemon Peel, Chicory Root, Turmeric, and Muscadine Grape Skin.

But, you can’t add Vitamin C to a cupcake and now say that the cupcake is healthy (sorry!). Christine also needed to find the best quality wine to add to her concoction.


Wine has been an integral part of Christine’s family history. Her grandfather worked for Gallo until the day he died.

Even though wine had been a ritual at family gatherings, she didn’t have any background when it came to winemaking.

Christine knew nutrition and fitness, but she needed help navigating the wine industry. She partnered with Chrystal Clifton, a sustainably-focused winemaker in Santa Barbara, California.


Initially, Christine discovered that no California wineries actually tested for Glyphosate (aka the pesticide RoundUp) and that there are no industry standards requiring wineries to list the chemicals used in their wine production and preservation.

These chemicals are a big part of the headaches and feelings of sluggishness that occur after a night of sipping on wine.

Meanwhile, Chrystal was shocked to realize that even vineyards where no “Roundup” was sprayed still showed levels of Glyphosate.

Together they dove into creating a wine that was certified 100% Glyphosate free (and it is the ONLY wine in the world to hold that distinction).

Beyond being free of Glyphosate (and the 72+ other chemicals currently allowed and found in wines) SmartVine is certified vegan. It is also gluten-free, Keto, and Paleo friendly.


Right now, SmartVine is a direct to consumer brand available direct to consumer.
A portion of their profits provide healthy meals to women and children at a local shelter. They believe that every family deserves access to healthy and nutritious food.

Christine is beyond excited to share SmartVine in California and beyond. She believes it’s time to unwind without undoing all of the hard work put into an active and healthy lifestyle.

Now, you can unwind without undoing all of the hard work you put into an active and healthy lifestyle.
Pick what you want and enjoy!